Trouble sleeping or staying asleep (or the opposite: needing A LOT of sleep but never feeling rested)

Racing thoughts, inability to focus

Trouble expressing anger - either not at all, or way too much!

Feeling numbed out, unreal or disconnected from life in the present

Chronic fatigue syndrome,

pain, autoimmune conditions,

fibromyalgia, migraines , PMS, IBS

Low self-worth which limits  authenticity and confidence to achieve the things you want

Feeling burnt out,

overwhelmed, exhausted, coupled with  adrenal fatigue

Fears, avoidance, resistance

and procrastination.

Feelings of anxiety and depression that drain your energy.

Wellness coaching and counselling

Difficulty setting clear boundaries and getting needs met, and/or staying in toxic relationships

Imagine living your BEST life now, let’s bring it into reality!

your well-being at heart

The effects of trauma & stress on your functioning



Working together in a compassionate introspective space we identify the narratives that keep you living the same reality. Using proven techniques to free you from old ways of coping & thinking, creating new actions and habits, empowering you to create the life you want.

Welcome fellow life traveler,


I am a wellness coach & counsellor,  specialising in stress & trauma incident reduction, as well as assisting with any desired life changes. Working with emotions, thoughts and the nervous system, create lasting changes, freeing up energy and bringing you back to full vitality!


Recovery from my own abusive and traumatic childhood, followed by an adult life built on those poor foundations I once lived a turbulent and troubled life. Now in a far healthier and stronger place,  I am helping others to become their own thriving, dynamic and peaceful individuals. Allow me guide you on how to. Together we find the best course of action and techniques for your unique journey of healing, growth and well-being.


Healing and thriving encompass more than talk therapy, my offering is a fully holistically integrated series of practices that bring the body, mind, and spirit into alignment; and free up your energy and focus to create the beautiful life and feelings you have always wanted.


Recovery & life coaching & Traumatic incident reduction (TIR) certified.


Online closed support groups (limited to 10 per group).


 The group dyanmic helps build shared trust in practicing vulnerability and authenticity with our emotions, feelings, and thoughts.


As well as group practice of the physical techniques that help restore the nervous system to peak health.

Online Individual counselling, a 1-on- 1 session  uniquely tailored to your needs.


I support you in exploring your feelings, beliefs, and behaviors - working through any challenging or influential memories you wish to address.  Helping you to identify aspects of your live that you would like to change, and to better understand yourself and others. Assist you in setting personal goals, and working toward your desired outcomes.

Contact me

For queries or appointments, please message me:


WhatsApp:   060 455 0498